keep it dark (snidegrrl) wrote,
keep it dark

Wow. Why, again, is the reproductive system designed to cause me this much pain on a regular basis? I would have called out today except we have this massive company meeting. Mostly I would have stayed home because I'm worried that my office is going to suddenly become the elevator scene in the Shining.

Last night's PvP was mighty eventful. I did in fact make Senior Sergeant. I spent time in WSG, AV, *and* AB. As a result I got to bed an hour late - hey but maybe I can push for 1st Sargeant, right? Whee. I've gotten better at quickly changing forms and better at going bear and stunning, although Paladins apparently can get out of that handily. Cheaters. Rogues can stop me from being in control of my character in 1,001 simple ways, but I can stun and root and those never work? Meh. AB still my favorite.

I would say I'm kind of crankypants, but actually mostly I am still a ray of sunshine. I am in fact wearing new pants which may or may not have embroidery and sequins on them.
Tags: gaming, menstruation
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