keep it dark (snidegrrl) wrote,
keep it dark

The softball is back!

First game of the spring season and:

1. I hit the ball. Multiple times. In fact I did not swing and miss once.
2. I had more balls hit to me in right field than I did all last fall.
3. I did not have to catch.
4. I did all this for the other team, as they were down a lady.

It felt good and my tree-mendous anxiety dissipated, not to mention the other team was super, super nice to the stand-in. Point to the church people. I am sore but despite being heavier again this year, jumped right in on a cold night without pulling anything. It helped to hang out with my friends right before I left, stopped me from getting nervous and worked up.

If the pattern holds (I can barely move on the saturday after a game) drum lesson will be REAL interesting.

I just ordered cymbals and cymbal stands, I will now have a full, real set instead of one cymbal and one hi-hat. My BPAL order is a week late and I am becoming despondent. I am about to dive into something health-wise. I need to prove to myself that I can do change!
Tags: drums, softball
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