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If anyone has an file of Santana's "Smooth" and is willing to let me have a copy, contact me I can't seem to find it on iTunes and need it for a drum lesson. Thanks! I'd pay for it but I'm not signing up to a whole other annoying music service and truly do not want a whole Santana cd. :P

I read a little news blurb on another blog about a South Carolina school lunch program that involves giving saltines and juice to kids whose parents are overdue for paying for school lunches. The comments on this blurb absolutely turned my stomach. I can't stop thinking about it. There's bootstrap conservatism where people want to not foster a psychology of dependency, and then there's bootstrap conservatism where they don't mind depriving kids of nutrition. Just what leads someone to feel like they can say in good conscience "I'm not going to pay for someone else's kid to eat, that's their problem"? And these people bitch about the "me" generation?? There were a number of interesting (and even good) suggestions on better ways to handle the situation in the comments but I had to stop reading because I couldn't take the cruel neglect advocators anymore. If my supposed choices are to possibly cause some people to gain a sense of "entitlement" and be psychologically damaged by "handouts" or causing children to grow up with the aftereffects of not only parental neglect but also the neglect of the community, then I choose the former. Consider my craw officially stuck with this.

I just got an email from the DC Divas listserv. Subject: "The Best Looking Team in the League!" The what in the huh? Now, don't get me wrong, I'm overjoyed about the Divas and they are hot. I hope to go catch a game this season - anyone want to go with me? But that email was a real eye roller, from stem to stern. It would be one thing (that would bother me) if they felt the need to put a feminine "face" on the team to market it, but to take it to the level of competition? Whatev. On the website there are some links to training videos though... now this is how I could enjoy some football! (My vote for best logo in the league: Toledo Spitfire.

Tonight we had a solid peril_book_club meeting. Most reviews of Stephen Fry's Making History were positive, with a few disputes of style and taste. Mucking with time is a real challenge, I think he rose to it. We decided on the Dan Savage book for next month, which I'm confident if I manage to read it will leave me annoyed and angry (with an outside hope for grudgingly respectful), so it should be a super interesting meeting, at least. If anyone can tear me down off my soapbox, that is.

[edit] I forgot to note one of the major highlights of my day: being in the Trader Joe's and realizing I'm suddenly humming "Robbery, Assault and Battery" to myself, and further realizing that this is happening because it's playing in the store. It turns out they use XM in the Annapolis TJ's so I had a bonding moment with the dude who chose the station. <3
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