keep it dark (snidegrrl) wrote,
keep it dark

I had a simply lovely weekend. Jack and I had a leisurely trip to Norfolk beginning with fajitas and ending with me collapsing into my happy comfy bed. I'm not sure what was so exhausting about chilling with geniealisa & puck_eater and my parents, respectively, perhaps all the driving. We watched V for Vendetta at the Military Circle theater, a place I surely haven't been in 15 years. They cleaned it up - it looks really nice. The movie was fantastic - all the good reviews I'd heard were right. I hope to see it again next weekend.

What else - Jack found a new video game to be interested in (Oblivion, I think?), and I jammed a fork tine into my hand; saturday night we ate at Rockefeller's by the water and I tasted some of my dad's fried flounder... and here's the kicker... I liked it. So maybe things *will* turn around for fish the way they did for shellfish for me.

I need to figure out how to get a half ton of slate that's sitting around in my parents backyard into mine in the form of a patio. :)
Tags: family, food, movies
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