keep it dark (snidegrrl) wrote,
keep it dark


I got my second character to 60; the warlock. I made profiles at CTProfile.

Tzimpye, Undead Warlock:
Pippye, Tauren Druid:

The warlock has already completed a bunch of junk the druid hasn't. Sad, really. Tonight Blackfathom Corsairs (my guild) had a good 25 endgame characters on at the same time. That was neat. Everyone is freaking out about 1.10 but it's just not like me to freak out about game stuff for an extended period of time. Maybe I'll freak out once it gets here. Seriously wishing they had the Dark Age rule about once you get your first toon you can have the second one starting at level 30.

Feeling guilty about playing again, in that sense that I imagine in my head that the time I spent playing would be spent knitting myself a sweater or gardening or something, when I know that's bullshit and I'd just watch movies if I didn't have MMORPGs.
Tags: gaming
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