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keep it dark

I really, really woke up on the wrong side of the bed today. It's weird to be this aware of how out of control your negativity is and how unnecessary it is. From waking up from a dream where my boss was stumbling out of a drunken party at my neighbor's house asking me for various tasks to be completed to almost chewing out zarobi for daring to suggest a more efficient way of doing something I thought would take several days to complete, everything seems exaggeratedly awful. I've had to reprint this stupid letter 7 times, and now it simply won't work. Perhaps the fact that I'm hyperaware that this is not my normal personality is a clue that this is chemical, like hormones or whatever.

frecklefaerie & Jack & I went down to the State Theater in VA on friday and saw Lez Zeppelin and I was, as usual, overjoyed. The drummer impressed me and I felt, in the face of women performing Zep tunes, energized and simultaneously absolved of any previous liking of said tunes. The lead singer was okay; she really needed to let go and get raw, but the lead guitarist was raw to perfection. Bonus: a quick hug from peregrin8 during the second set.

My drum teacher wants me to buy a stick control book that's out of print. Great! Saturday we WoWed and then made Lars make us dinner. Sunday was band practice. I think it went well. I laid hands on a keyboard for the first time in years and I must say... I want one. Badly. Jack made jambalaya and Ruby watched almost all the videos I own that are appropriate for toddlers. I'm glad SOMEone else can appreciate Kipper the way I do.

Last night we had peril_book_club, chatted about the spanish civil war, and ate an entire tub of Helluva Good Onion Dip aka crack. I should only be allowed to get that stuff once a year, really.

I have to get back to work, not that I have any idea how to solve my myriad problems.
Tags: book club, dream, shows
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