keep it dark (snidegrrl) wrote,
keep it dark

Well, I haven't really been blogging things lately, have I. Fie.

Since Feb 1st I've:

- made sergeant hopefully the next rank by next week. attuned to the core, too, might even go in. also hope to get the warlock to level 55 i.e. endgame instance range.

- had some awesome crab legs with tzel at capn jerry's. a good night.

- jesus, i didn't even blog the aftermath of the plumber and the tub and missing the chili cook off in philly only to get turned away from the odd girl out concert at the charm city kitty club due to sold outness. then getting to go to m&a's and have a good time anyways.

- didn't finish ulysses in time for book club

- went to book club, voted in Homage to Catalonia by orwell

- celebrated tracy's birthday with the karaoke video game, sang some cher

- had a women's prison literacy meeting

- went to a super bowl party, couldn't figure out who to root for, ate boneless wings and cheese curls

- had a disastrous hair appointment that was supposed to be big fun. long story short, very expensive color is all wrong, and made an unusual move to assert myself, call back and ask them to do something about it. we'll see on tuesday. terrified i am making an even bigger mistake. at the very least i'm not paying any more. this was me christmas gift from my mom. :( oops long story not so short.

- watched the last two discs of freaks and geeks. i don't like owning DVDs much but this is one i simply MUST have. you should watch it, every one of you!

home sick today. using the time to tidy up loose ends. like polishing off Making History by stephen fry. it was excellent. cm may want to note this one's in the "what if WWii went another way" genre.

p.s. stop buying stuff you cannot afford! funny. steve martin.
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