keep it dark (snidegrrl) wrote,
keep it dark

I've had a wonderful day!!! Really the whole weekend's been pretty nice. But despite my silly holier-than-thou attitude about television, I hung out with friends and watched a bunch of Veronica Mars and had a good ol' time, and then we dropped in on NC and MsT and invaded their home and I just feel all warm 'n' fuzzy.

I'm thinking I should start composting. I find it fishy that I can't find composting bins on the Lowe's or Home Depot websites. Fortunately there seems to be alternatives, but I want to go look at some damn composting bins.

I never did mention that one of the funnest things I did over Christmas break was watch several episodes of My Name is Earl which (again with the TV hypocrisy!) I totally adored.

Other stuff I haven't properly blogged in my eagerness to spend my time not blogging: Pork chop night & jamming with K, Gilmore Girls sesason 5, the search for sleepytime extra tea, visiting keryx and the wilderness office park, the bag o' notes, making pumpkin pancakes for my parents, the many nice things I got for christmas, going out for new year's, my application to ladies' rock camp.
Tags: tv
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