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vacay day 1

Last friday we got into Norfolk at about 12:30AM. What was awesome is that the hotel is immediately adjacent to Denny's, so we could eat the dinner we put off eating. It's one of those Denny's I stole off to to smoke and be irreverent as a teenager. I had fries and relished that culinary experience greatly. (That particular feeling featured prominently across the entire Christmas weekend.) Fries at 12:30 at Denny's immediately after a 4 hour featureless drive... they were a treat.

Been tumbling a new year's resolution around in the ol' cranium. A real challenge. "Stop saying bad things about people to other people." A nice rider to this could be "To actively decline from participating in conversations where the above takes place". That would be consequence-laden! And probably almost certainly impossible!
Tags: food, new years, travel
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