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I finally verbalized this thought tonight that I've been having for some time: that I'm afraid to try to write a song because I'll find out the song has already been written. The part I certainly haven't experessed because I don't know how idiotic the idea is that I thought, given certain limits, some genius type with a big computer could write a progam to generate every (pop/rock) song possible. Limits being like, the things you'd find in a standard pop song - certain keys, certain length, a melody, bass, drum, guitar and keyboard part, only the obvious time signatures you'd find in popular music, no notes smaller than say, 16th notes. I told mpeg2tom about this over at Tea. He says he thinks it's possible that there are fewer atoms in the universe. What about just a melody? And he and bizarrojack think it would take ALOT of space. I should be glad about this right? I mean it's a really good chance that if I ever did write a song, it wouldn't be a duplicate? And what keeps me awake at night is how will I know until someone sues me?

I'm sure someone can tell me either why this is ridiculous or why someone else already wrote their doctoral thesis on it.

Non sequitur: I had a dream last night that aliens were invading the earth by implanting something in women that made them try to get pregnant by men and then kill them. Slowly but surely the world was falling into a state not unlike that described in the Y: The Last Man comic. I tried to pack a few things and head out on my own but I couldn't find any clothes that seemed suitable for backpacking that I also felt comfortable in. There was a weird scene with some guy jumping out of an elevator which had doors that opened out the side of a high rise apartment building, but he jumped from only a story up and was OK.

Having a devil of a time keeping with the metronome during drum practice hour. Slew of other things to report but need to do a little online xmas shopping and hit the sack but probably not before reading another chapter in Shakey which, by the way, is rocking my world. I promise to start Ulysses tomorrow.

Four days to The Musical Box in Philly.
Tags: dream, math, music
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