keep it dark (snidegrrl) wrote,
keep it dark

a short survey of characters played by michael pare and the titles of the movies he played them in

Dante Montana, Starhunter
Rico Burke, Men of Means
Deryl Boden, Falling Fire
Teddy Cooper, Triplecross (also starring Billy Dee Williams!)
Joe Brody, Lunarcop (written by Terrence Pare... coincidence?)
Jack David, Point of Impact (two first names? would you name your protagonist this? yecch.)
Craig Brandt, Killing Streets
Moorpark, Dragonfight (user review: worst movie ever. see it!)
Felix Stone, Moon 44
Tom Cody, Streets of Fire

i mean, tell me this guy is not manly. just try. hee. other titles include "raging angels" and "sunset heat", and 2000's "space fury". in which he plays: Konrad. it just goes to prove you don't have to star in crap like pearl harbor to keep working in movies. you can star in crap like "Merchant of Death"!
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