keep it dark (snidegrrl) wrote,
keep it dark

+ Had my first drum lesson with my new drum teacher Kim. But not before having an anxiety attack that he lures innocents into his soundproofed basement for ritual sacrifices.

- The smelly cat now also has dandruff.

+ Having a fun Christmas (need to come up with a new and inventive way to say Christmas agnostically) decorating kerfluffle at the house.

- My glitter glue is stopped up and I may have to replace it. (How else am I going to make a stocking for the smelly, flaky cat???!)

+ Saw Rent last night and loved it.

+ Oh yeah, tzel reports that Peter Tork's band Shoe Suede Blues is playing Remington's in Laurel! On tuesday!!! I may go!
Tags: cat, drums
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