keep it dark (snidegrrl) wrote,
keep it dark

Just braved the mall. Helps that I work in a building immediately adjacent to one and can just walk on over. I got a second tiny treeee!!!

Two thanksgivings this year! One in Norfolk (delighted to see GA and PE and have them share that turkey with us) and one in Bowie. Much turkey, much potatoes, much joy.

'bout this time last week got to see a Canadienne for a brief visit which was nice! Drank several Molson ice's and felt less funny than usual.

Long long spontaneous chat and general mutual appreciation festival with Amber on tuesday. Meant the world to me. Followed that with a shot of joyous Morgan visitation on weds. Feeling very loved and loving and blessed. Also I need to write up the story about the one time I went to Bound, because it's funny.

Reading Bill Bryson's Walk in the Woods about hiking the AT which is actually making me want to enjoy some great outdoors. Also this book is freaking fantastic. I recommend it to everyone.

Sorry this is so short but I really just want to get out of here today.
Tags: books, friends
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