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yesterday: uneventful on the car front. very sad. i didn't make one extra call i should have made that would have possibly moved this whole process forward by a day. i was trying to fall asleep on the couch, watching tv, and there were these movers outside that had their music turned up SO LOUD. i yelled at them from my balcony. they seemed disgruntled. but hey! i was trying to watch Streets of Fire with handsome B-movie actor Michael Pare. i love that movie. it is uncomplicated and it ends non-traditionally. it has a woman-as-badass. it has bill paxton and lee ving. lee ving was in Clue, as Mr. Body. and well, "let the revels begin and the fires get started, we're dancin' for the restless and the brokenhearted".

anyways, bowling was fun. i wished more people had shown up, because i wanted telf to be happy, and i know she was hoping for a big turnout, but it was fun nonetheless. my score breakdown went like this:

Game 1: 100
Game 2: 108
Game 3: 102
Game 4: 114
Game 5: 115

i am nothing if not consistent. i was using a 10lb ball and cleaning up with an 8lb ball for the first 3 games, and then switched to a 12/10 combination for the last 2 games. it doesn't seem to matter how hard i concentrate on the place i stand, my follow through, i can't keep it rolling down the middle. especially as the night goes on and my wrist starts to hurt. but hey, i also think my shoes were too small.

can i do what i need to do to keep it together? i think my blood sugar is low and making me cranky.
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