keep it dark (snidegrrl) wrote,
keep it dark

crying time

so it wasn't, as it turns out, the throwout bearing in the clutch. it looks like it is the input shaft bearing in the transmission. so regardless of whether i have a working car in the end, we will be paying for the labor they already put out to deal with the clutch. then, if it's not completely unreasonable, there is the cost of fixing the transmission. which, by the way, he says has had the wrong fluid in it all this time. which may have caused this bearing to go bad. so for two years now (3?) i've been merrily driving around a car that was already doomed to have its input shaft bearing go bad because of long-term poison.

hey, and if not that, we pay a bunch of money to junk the car and go through the horrifying bureaucratic nightmare of buying a new or new used car.

jack is being way more supportive than anyone ever could be.

i just wanted to let the poor little thing see its dream of crossing the 100K mile mark.

as much as i talk about wanting a new this or a new that, i love my car. i don't want to buy a new car. please please please let the input shaft bearing thing be the least expensive part of a transmission to replace so i can just go on with my life.
Tags: car
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