keep it dark (snidegrrl) wrote,
keep it dark

examorata: we need someone with a big living room and a whiteboard, so we can play it the way they did on "Win Lose or Draw!"
snidegrrl: dude, that would rule
examorata: boggle's pretty cool, although sometimes I get unreasonably anxious on timer games
snidegrrl: and we could get some c-list celebrities.
examorata: that would be awesome!
snidegrrl: hey kirk cameron! stop drawing crosses on the whiteboard!
examorata: HEE
examorata: "Not everything is the Rapture, Kirk. Look, your card clearly says, 'Gone With the Wind'"
snidegrrl: jasdfsjgfsdjk
examorata: Now I have to get a whiteboard on an easel
examorata: and Kirk Cameron's phone number!
snidegrrl: *waggly eyebrows*


As I perfect my living space more and more, I become more and more morosely obsessed with the possibility that it will get burned down in some freak accident.


At some point last night during the watching of Gilmore Girls, (we are early in season 4 no spoilers please) Jared Padalecki was so cute that I felt I had to turn away from the screen. It almost hurt. Jack probably thought I was flinching at the scene.


Little known rumors: Peter Gabriel played flute on Cat Stevens' "Katmandu". Cat Stevens reputedly wrote the song "Lady D'Arbanville" about a messy breakup with Rosanna Arquette.* Peter Gabriel supposedly wrote much of the erotically-fueled "Us" album during a relationship with Rosanna Arquette.

* I thought it was just an interesting song about a dead girl. Huh.


Here is me as I normally look. Note the fabulous socks & sandals.Here is me taken to a ludicrous hippie extreme.

You know I can't resist an avatar maker thingie.
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