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Chili Meltdown!

The first annual chili cookoff was a success! Thanks to all our chili chefs, apologies to those I couldn't cram into the house, and holy crap does eating 9 different chilis wear a person out. Lessons were learned: for instance, that everyone brings sour cream. I do in fact, despite the 4 tubs we went through, still have 3 tubs in the fridge. Also: the upstairs fuses can, in fact, handle 7 crock pots. The plastic tablecloths were a stroke of genius and the trip to the dollar store wherein my car was messed with was worth it, as the funny sectiony plates were the BOMB.

And on this day in the year aught five, we did indeed crown traceracer the queen of chili cooking, forever to be hailed. We may place a bust of her in the chilitarium. I also promised to make her a meat crown.

For the scans of the scorecards, you can look here and here. Warning: they are HUGE. You can see that every chili was loved by someone or another, which just goes to show... that um, people like to eat chili.

I won a bet with Jack that no one would bring up the question of what to do in case of a fire seeing as how the front door was blocked by the guest couch. (We have two other doors, hello.) I also won 287462635 beers as virtually everyone brought beer. Seriously though, mad fun.

Chefs please feel free to use this post to communicate about recipes and such. Tag it in memories for review next year when we do it allllll over again.
Tags: chili, food, party
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