keep it dark (snidegrrl) wrote,
keep it dark

1. Had an awesome time at Alex's bday party last night. I got to talk prog with mephisto21 and there will be more shenanigans related to that. traceracer and I did our classic stand on the back porch singing takig requests thing, and possibly offended people trying to talk over us. A red door was painted black.

2. Got my Musical Box ticket for philly this morning. Since I'm a total idiot and didn't get them yesterday, I'm in row JJ. Better than last time I guess. :( I'll still gladly get tickets for anyone who wants to go with me, but you won't be able to sit next to me is all. I tried to pre-emptively buy two together, but they were way off to the left, and really, screw that.

3. This morning's time waster but super fun community find: t_shirt_surgery. I shouldn't be reading other peoples sewing projects, I should be working on mine.
Tags: party
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