keep it dark (snidegrrl) wrote,
keep it dark

the quick word on the car thing

life sucks, seriously.

apparently the Ford Aspire is the most popular car on the entire east coast. every single one i have tracked down has been sold within the day it was posted in the classifieds. i went and took pictures of the old one. i have this weird thing about having pictures of my cars.

i'm looking at a newish ford focus, vw golf, honda civic, kia rio, or at the outside, and because it was so fun to drive, acura integra. my entire life has been cars, cars, cars. i've read and read and read about buying a car, and yet still i feel like i haven't learned anything. i should just say fuckit, and get a jeep even though it's ridiculous to insure and totally impractical.

R.I.P. Ford Aspire. I believe you may have just eclipsed the Pontiac Sunbird as the number one car love of my life.
Tags: car
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