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Had a busy weekend. Saturday we were doing alot of socializing and congratulation for friends. sonofmudflap and niaha's wedding was first, out in Frederick. We got there just as they were starting... oops! There was a harpist (yay!), and lovely people, and lj friends I've never met before, and I think I can say that the weather was conquered although it tried really hard to make people gloomy. It failed! Congratulations to those crazy kids! We cooled our heels at a starbucks between Frederick and Gaithersburg for a few hours and I read my birthday gift from msteleute and necrocannibal (which, by the way, is COMPLETELY awesome) and Jack read the paper. Then on to the U.S. wedding reception for prakriti and taoy. We danced and ate and I yammered at cheetahmaster about book club details and got to see more fun people than I can count.

I used up my social batteries pretty thoroughly and my brain was about mush by the end of the 12 hour spree, but it was all worth it.

Sunday was meetup time with old friends, jsciv and (surprise!) ashoemaker and non-lj'ed Dave and their friends down in Dupont. I whine and bitch and moan about going into the city every time, but it's almost always worth it to see friends and this case was no exception. Later on we ventured to NC and MsT's place for dinner and Rome. Which was about the most rapidfire plot forwarding episode of any show ever, and next week looks like more of the same. No lingering here! I think the sapphic scene may have been longer than the battle scene kids. Gratuitous? I have no idea, because I'm not sure if history backs this particular bit up. It'll also depend where they go with it.

And now I'm back at work and my head's still spinning. I never even managed to get the pictures off the camera. The good news is that the red army has marched. Phew. I've never been so happy to sound the red-army-is-marching trumpets.
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