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Oh my god, it looks like I might get to see The Musical Box again. this time in philly. sweet!!! i can get better seats this time!!! examorata, angela_la_la... this is your advance warning! if it's not too expensive i will pay for one or both of you to come with me, if you're interested.

also: noted that our favorite doomed gilmore boyfriend dean is now on that supernatural show.

ALSO: they were playing Rush in the background of that supernatural show. no lie.

plus: tzel has this bento box book that i promise half of you would adore. we made lunch lists this eve.

and: i was so hating on my job yesterday, but today i went over to my boss' house and we played ddr together. who else can do that? not many of you! i bet! it's not so bad after all.
Tags: food, tv
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