keep it dark (snidegrrl) wrote,
keep it dark

lunch break rant

It's 30 degrees in the office. Instead of complaining about this, which I would not even think of doing since it's been approximately 120 degrees celsius in the office since May, I decide today is a good day to go get a new hoodie on my lunch break. Apparently not. I troll several places and end up, against my better judgement, at the Hot Topic. I quickly notice a hoodie with a pink drum kit screen printed on the front! Score! Cheers HT, I think; you've successfully read my subconcious hoodie desires. Then the cashier helpfully informs me that it has writing on the back. Some of you may have already guessed, but indeed the sweatshirt says on the back: "I'm with the drummer."

In my head, I cordially invite the people who manufacture hoodies for HT to bite a turd.

I ask if maybe they have a hoodie for boys that says "I AM the drummer" which I can rebel from the right-side-man-clothes left-side-girl-clothes arbitrary dichotomy and purchase. No dice. All the "male" marketed hoodies have like, Insane clown Posse logos on them and other things I literally wouldn't be caught dead in. The cashier, after hesitating, tentatively offers that they have a t-shirt I might be interested in. I noticed she looked me up and down, so I think what she wanted to say was "but we don't carry them in size Pudgy". In my head I offer her a bite of turd as well. There's plenty of turd to go around, honey. I go look, and there in a stack of about 50 "with the drummer" t-shirts there are two lonely t-shirts printed in blue* that say "I'm with I AM the drummer." Awww. This would be cute except they are in XS and S respectively. I couldn't make a pair of panties out of these shirts. I'm hoping this is because there are legions of girl drummers out there who already snapped up the cooler M-XL shirts. I also hope They end up losing money on these stupid I'm-defined-by-who-I'm-with shirts.

This rant has taken over my desire to blog the weekend. I'll get to that later.

*I'm not sure what the implication here is. It's feminine to be with the drummer, but masculine in a powder-blue way to be the drummer?
Tags: clothes, feminism, venting
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