keep it dark (snidegrrl) wrote,
keep it dark

this is going to be abbreviated due to exhaustion.

1. friday celebrated the birth of bronzemountain. with appletinis. was utterly toasted. got a massage, though, which was miraculous.

2. saturday i hit the streets of dc but not before getting in a fight with jack about whether to metro or drive. it all worked out for the best but gosh, did i get mad. we met up with keryx and had thai and just sat around outdoors a bit and chatted. i am potentially the worst dc hostess ever though as i think at this point most guests know more about the place than i do.

3. after that i went to a mary kay party. let's let that sink in shall we? yes, a mary kay party. jack's sister's friend was very dedicated in her salesmanship and i appreciate that she was a very nice person and very earnest but i find a few fundamental things about mary kay flawed. (this may just be the understatement of the century.) as i could not think of a way to impart this without being rude, i just practiced some tonglen and let it go. and bought some lipliner and soothing eye cream. i felt like i had to, you know? anyways this girl was incredibly nice. you would have bought some lip liner too.

4. bizarrojack implemented a new facial hair plan for himself, which you can see in all its glory over at his latest entry. it's hot although i keep calling him james hetfield.

5. sunday we spent all day playing world of warcraft. a kid from down the street offered to mow our lawn. i have been waiting ALL SUMMER for this. go kid! now if he would just weed the beds. he totally lowballed us on the price. i was getting 20 dollar bills for mowing the lawn 20 years ago kid.

6. i found a desk that will satisfy me. at jack's sister's place! ikea just didn't have it on the website.

7. cat puked on the bed with me in it this morning. so mad. and tired.
Tags: friends, jack
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