keep it dark (snidegrrl) wrote,
keep it dark

oh. wow.

there are always things in life that you think, "i'd sure like to do that before i croak". experiencing your airbag inflating is NOT one of those things.

you know the short merge lane getting on 295 north off of howard street in anacostia? bits of my car have joined all the other bits of car that litter that shoulder. i'm ok, the other guy is ok. my car... is not ok. that new bowling ball i got? it's in the trunk in some lot in southeast right now. i... well, i am really sorry that this happened. all i could think in that split second when you realize you're getting into an accident is that i knew my life would be different, and not in a better way, after this.

the up side is, i got to see the biggest chair in the world, from the tow truck on the way to the lot. and i do have a very good insurance policy, which will make this less painful for me in the short run. i wonder if somehow in the past few weeks i've been learning a lesson of some sort. or there is some kind of justice being meted out. but that's really a silly way of thinking of it; things just happen.

i want my car back so bad.
Tags: accident, car
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