keep it dark (snidegrrl) wrote,
keep it dark

Karaoke ruled. Except for the parts that didn't, i.e. the KJ was not super and had long bits in between songs. They worked hard but I guess we're spoiled. I did Pleasant Valley Sunday (never again, way way too low), Dolly Parton ("Why'd you come in here lookin' like that"), and a duet with traceracer on Paradise by the Dashboard Light. We were slightly hampered by one of the mics not being wireless. Rar! It was fun and brought back many, many fond memories.

One of the major highlights of the night for me was someone doing Ray Steven's Mississippi Squirrel Revival. I don't, as it turns out, have it on mp3 so I can't share it with you fine people, but I was OVERJOYED I tell you.

Softball was a humiliating defeat, but I felt pretty good as I tagged the last out at home. I am sore all over. OK sleepytime for sure!
Tags: karaoke, softball
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