keep it dark (snidegrrl) wrote,
keep it dark

they've created a monster. swept through no less than 2 WSG games wherein the horde, if you will excuse the ridiculous lingo, pwned. my left arm is useless to me now, but i had a helluva time. best advice anyone ever gave me as a druid: "spam root".

other highlights of my weekend included the first smores i've had since i was a kid.

updated to-do list for the week:

- clean out closet and drop all junk at thrift store, unless i find a place that is bona-fidely taking clothes for NOLA relief
- vacuum out car at fancy vacuum out car station
- get cd mailing envelopes and send all weeds
- track down the danged tree guy, and if not him, anyone with a rope and a chainsaw
- remind jack to get himself a monitor
- go to quest labs and get blood tests
- distribute to their proper places all the junk i found in my car.

there was a HUGE dead bee in my car when i cleaned it out. also some mail from february 2004. also some canasta scorekeeping from probably 2002. netflix report: rose red was terrible but scared me out of my wits. julian sands made it all worthwhile. eddie izzard's 'unrepeatable' show from dear god, back when i was in college, was worth watching and had some great moments. jack and i made no headway on gilmore girls but frankly, i'm scared to watch because i love dean, and i know there can't be anything but misery in store for him. oh dean. yes, i spent most of the weekend laying about, but i felt like some kind of bug was trying to get me and i knew the only thing for it was rest.
Tags: car, gaming, to do list
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