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Sep. 2nd, 2005

This morning was a 2-kitty alarm morning. Some people hit the snooze twice, but for me it's measured in kitty visits. On a good day, Hero will come by and meow at me from one foot away from my face. On a bad day, Hero will meow, and Nicolas will poke me in the face. It took both to get me out of bed this morning.

I'm having budget misery. Seems I've been comfort-shopping a little too much lately. What's with all this latent stress? It's not like I don't feel great all the time lately? Blah.

Had my physical, everything checks out A-OK. Couldn't do the pap smear due to Red Tide. Am getting a chance to try out my new cloth pads. Thanks a TON for the recommendation peregin8 these are great and the people that make them are totally nice.

To do this weekend:
- clean out the car
- laundry
- clean out the closet and take everything to thrift store
- go to EC with my homies
- hit things with drumsticks
- get jack to get himself a new monitor so i can have his old one
- if i am feeling really excited, come up with a house to do list

I am so ready to get this weekend started. Then it's next weekend, and I'm going to philly, and I am so psyched for that. See, everything is good, why am I exhibiting signs of stress!


Sep. 2nd, 2005 06:00 pm (UTC)
Fortunately, mine have never used the bed, whether I am in it or not, for the Indy Cat 500... I think you have it worse!