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3 dreams

last night was extremely weird in dreamland...

1. While I was living at home, my father went out to investigate some noises outside. Mom and I realize he's subduing a criminal and that there was a gun involved. We wait in terror listening for gunshots. I did hear dad talking to the guy and then, yes, gunshots. I wake up.

2. I dreamed that summer_queen had a girlfriend and I traveled back in time (without realizing it) to the night this girlfriend disappeared. We were in a crowded movie theater watching something I can't quite remember what it was and they wouldn't turn the lights down. SQ's gf arrived late and gave her a kiss; everyone saw and applauded, but I knew it was going to be like this lifetime movie scene immediately. We walked to where SQ's car was (which was, for some reason, a teal aspire) and the GF said she was goig to run over to where my car was. For some reason DQ's car was far away on a farm or something. By the time we got over to my car, we knew she had disappeared forever and we'd never find her. (And it was obvious it was some kind of horrible hate crime.) I had to experience going to the cops and everything. At that point the surreal frame story of SQ explaining that it was in the past started.

3. I dream that a bunch of friends are all going to some weird benefit, or pagan thing or something. omphaloskepsis says that we have to cut off chunks of drivingblind's freshly dyed blue hair and make something out of it. I rapisly realize that I forgot how to cast on, so I can't knit with it, and am incredibly embarassed.
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