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Rumor has it that the Video Show set will be out on September 13, not October 5. C'mon Rhino!! If that's true then it's 36 days until I can get it!! This fall is going to be good.

Yesterday I finally was able to count the 9/8 in Supper's Ready. I know someone was saying last time I mentioned this that it's easy and you just count to 9, but I had a hard time finding it because of where Phil puts the emphasis during Apocalypse. So I promised myself after that joyous moment ("one two THREE four FIVE six seven eight NINE...") which brought a tear to my eye, I inch ever closer to making that phone call to see if I might start drum lessons. Apparently Phil didn't even count when they were playing this - he just "felt" it. Anyone who wants to say the man doesn't have talent can meet me outside. And show me their rendition of Supper's Ready.

Randomly emailed one of the guys from the Crowded House mailing list who had a G-related sig. Think I've got a new pen pal across the pond!

We're still plagued by ants in the kitchen. I'm so done with summertime. Work is busy and tedious. It's impossible to play air keyboard and clean data at the same time. Also why won't the tree trimming guy return my calls??
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