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- friday night, further birthday fun with STEAK! and then trying to make the airport express work. no dice. we can't even get the laptop to work with the wireless router. wtf man.

- saturday slept in instead of going shopping with grrls. fooled around on world of warcraft, watched rudy, ate garlic pizza. mmm, indulgence. saturday night extra fun party for msteleute.

- sunday woke up lateish, more WoW. watched bringing down the house which wins the award for worst movie i've netflixed so far. oh god, it was a train wreck. which prepared me for going to see the dukes of hazzard! okay, this movie had some moments. and i can say that even though it's more wrong than a mink stole at a PETA meeting, for some reason i love johnny knoxville. should i put myself out of my misery now? after that amusement (flash!) we let J&G fiddle with G's computer while tzel and i went grocery shopping. then i went home and watched the L word until 1am, which is why i'm bleary eyed and muzzy today.

EDIT: Crab legs Weds. Email me for details!!
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