keep it dark (snidegrrl) wrote,
keep it dark

wow, work has been entomologically exciting lately. i can't even tell you. so instead i will show you pictures!

last week out front i saw for the first time in my life the hummingbird moth. (thanks to jack's sister i know what it's called - i had no idea at the time.)

i had no idea! it looked alot like that and was going from flower to flower... just like a hummingbird! i was aghast. how could a bug be so pretty?

then today i was coming in from errands and saw this:

i know, the pic is crappy - it is from my phone because i'm stupid and don't have the camera with me. it was some kind of caterpillar crawling around, seemingly trying to get out of a coccoon that looked like cement embedded with a bunch of blue pebbles. i have no idea what that is!!! but it was fascinating! i watched it for like 10 minutes, alternately squicked and fascinated. i really, really wish i could share a betetr picture of this.

and i got my eyebrows waxed. which has nothing to do with cool bugs whatsoever.
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