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okay, so first off: i haven't been reading that much livejournal. i sneak in a comment here and there but there's so much, it's so overwhelming. many of my friends are going through tough times and some i probably don't even know about. i hesitate to think this way, but before livejournal, i wouldn't even have known about three quarters of these tough things my friends are going through, possibly more. (not to mention, not knowing so many great people.) i'm sure i'll think of a way later that this statement sounds really insensitive. but yeah, anyways, i do try to read periodically.

we helped telf move this weekend... and i felt like i should have done more, been there sooner. but the big stuff got done and while the be-move-ed was under major stress as anyone who's moving is, i hope a sigh of relief can be breathed soon. and she gifted me with free weights. or, should i say, free free weights. i could work out with just the damn bar with no weights on it, sad but true.

more on exercize equipment: i have been watching the laurel, md freecycle group for a treadmill as well as the pennysaver. i have been late on two calls to pennysaver ads for treadmills, but i like to think i didn't want them anyways as they were probably too big to fit up my stairs. so i should probably give up and just take more goddamn walks... but it's so hot!! also thinking about getting a betty hoop because they're all pretty and look like fun. and all the cool people are doing it.

netflix: caught up on my 3, which where muppet show, tao of steve, and personal velocity. the muppet show was good, duh. nice to see dudley moore when he was cute and playing the piano. ToS was ... alternatively horribly offensive and pat, and kind of cute and compelling. since i have heard more than one guy talk about retreating to attract a woman, and seeing it work, i know they aren't pulling that bullshit out of their asses. and they nicely wrap up that that is not the best idea in practice. and donal logue is ... well i like donal logue even though he plays horrible assholes and i am not sure why. there was one scene that they could have just completely eliminated and raised my opinion of the movie 100%. if you've seen it, maybe you can guess which? finally the latter film. i thought this one was really quite good. the middle story with parker posey really struck a chord with me, not that i have been a disaffected editor with a well-meaning but verbose doctorate student husband, but whatever!! so many elements of it spoke to me. next up: the l-word season one.

there are a few upcoming events i'm thinking of attending: i briefly entertained the idea of flying to new hampshire for a drum circle chez chelidon, but i know this is financially unwise. even though the tickets are quite cheap (on southwest air). in september there's a genesis tribute band playing a free concert in philly - for which i could either find crash space or drive back the same night. then in october steve hackett is playing in falls church. i hope to find someone to go with me.

we're paying to get the trees around the house trimmed, and let me tell you it will be a pretty penny. and no, i don't feel it's something we can do ourselves. i also got some art framed. for those following that story: i used a half price coupon from the joanne's mailer and it came out sort of reasonably unreasonable (which is more than i would have preferred, i.e. unreasonably reasonable.) if you go there, talk to oakley, he was so sweet to me even after i freaked out on him about how much it cost and then recanted and told him i didn't want to undervalue his labor. and his name is oakley. no he wasn't wearing sunglasses.

and i have a week left of being in my twenties. alot of poeple i have known over the years have spent some amount of time panicing about this milestone. i have spent no time panicing about it up til now; i don't want to start but feel a little twinge here and there. in comparison to how i feel about the state of the world today, it's like a drop in the bucket. also, i have aleady set myself up to panic about being 40, by listing goals and subconsciously thinking that while i could fritter away my 20s, my 30s are the time to get serious. oy vey.
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