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This weekend we watched The Producers (Zero Mostel) which was... a little baffling. I've never liked Gene Wilder, which is rooted in a weird deep-seated childhood fear of men with curly blond hair. (No thanks to The Greatest American Hero, no doubt.) But he was kind of funny in this. I hear the musical on broadway is better. We also watched Hair, which... uhhh... was great, really. (Treat Williams has MAJESTIC EYEBROWS!!) And as a result I'm actually listening to something other than Genesis for once. Which brings me to:

How is it that I can't get a copy of FREEDOM ROCK on the all-encompassing internet? (oops, actually I could on ebay.) More to the point, why can't I find the commercial? Hey man... is that freedom rock man? Yeah man. Well turn it up, man!! Ahhh, memories.

Why is getting things framed so g.d. expensive? I got 2 Genesis posters on ebay and Michael's quoted me $120 for JUST ONE of them. Without a mat. I'm off to Joanne's with a coupon from the very kind dharshai to see how that goes this evening. Then Tea!

The big boss is back tomorrow. I hope the work world doesn't explode.
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