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hobbies post

The Genesis boards bring us a thread dedicated to lawn mowing songs... can you think of any? I know at the time I was mowing the lawn for my parents ($20 a shot, which was good money back then but I have to confess I was so lazy I didn't even want the twenty if it meant I had to mow the lawn.) (I am not proud of this, but it's the truth.) I listened frequently to REM's Document, particularly the "Finest Worksong". I don't think they had teenagers mowing lawns in mind when they penned that one.

I think the post of the month on that forum has to be HHA's statistical analysis of Genesis fans' album preferences. The standard deviation? The coefficient of variation? Frankly I think this level of dorkiness about this sort of thing is hawt.

Finally, we did a LBRS (Lower Blackrock Spire) run last night with 13 guild members. It was awesome in that we crushed the place. It was less awesome in that I didn't have to lift a finger; our priest was kicking butt with heals - including heals for my group. One person died once in the entire run, and that was Jack's mage, which is no big shocker since he's made of paper. Also I clearly need a WoW icon for things like this. I got the shadowmumble belt, which actually dropped *twice* during the run. No wildheart gear though.

And to plug other people's hobbies, one of my coworkers has gone part time to run her own jewelry making business, and her stuff is quite lovely. Her site is Marigold Designs.

Tonight there's batting practice. Come to find out, the softball tourney is on my birthday. That bites, because I will likely be busy turning 30 in some extravagant fashion instead of playing tournament softball.

I want to find a free treadmill.
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