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On this day in Genesis history: In 1972 the band were in rehearsals for Foxtrot. It would be the second album with the classic 5-man lineup. In 1987 they were recovering from a massive 4 night engagement at Wembley Stadium, a crowning achievement to add to the Invisible Touch tour.

On this day in my life, I found out that Gary's still can't figure out what's wrong with my car, so we're going to have it tuned up and hope for the best. I was already pricing out and comparing pickup trucks, as that's what I've decided I need for my next car... Ah but maybe I will get another 50K miles out of this one anyways. The tune up (ignition wires, distributor cap, spark plugs) will cost $212.20. Still less than a car payment! I should really clean the poor thing out, it's a mess.

Wow, I ran out my social batteries this weekend. Although they seemed to recharge mid-weekend, thank gawd. Friday night we had people over for chilling out and conversation, something I am glad to be getting back into and wish I could do more of. Hosting, that is. Need to reconfig the LR seating badly. I had a good talk with dragonballzzz. I didn't get to sleep until like 5am. I am not fond of going to sleep with the birds chirping! Saturday we dragged ourselves away from the gaming to help T&G move the couches etc. This went very efficiently, we had pizza, and watched this martial arts zombie flick called versus. Which was funny but imperfect. Loooots of fighting (I'd say 95% of the film) so if you like that, type it on into your netflix queue immediately!

Sunday was the big birthday shindig for thatwhichisgene. T went to great efforts to make it special and I think it came off well. There was brain tossing and zombie pinatas and severed head tiki torches. I ate SO MUCH FOOD. DBZ got his hair dyed flaming red (yes, the flaming comments will never end!) and people ate the garlic burgers right up. Again: SO MUCH FOOD. Between the food coma and being social three days in a row already, I truly ran out of things to say. Fortunately, somehow sunday night my batteries recharged because monday was cookout number 2, for ID at dharshai & booyeah's. Highlights of the day included one stunning bocce ball victory for my team as well as finding andouille sausage at the (of all places) terrible food lion, plus peanut butter cup ice cream, plus WoW geeking extraordinaire, and best of all the germination of an idea for a chili cook off. Heads up people, I think I will be hosting this sometime in August. Later on that night I got Pippye to level 58! All my hard work (ha ha) paid off! Tonight there will be a UBRS (or some other portion of blackrock whatever) raid and maybe my contribution won't be simply to suck and die a bunch!

As I tried to drift off to sleep I followed a meandering line of thought on the subject of friendship, spurred on by reading accounts in the Gallo books of the friendships between the members of Genesis. Too bad this pleasant train of thought was interrupted by gastrointestinal distress. So then I was up until 4am, thinking about being miserable. Wee. Despite that, I pondered on just how little I have to complain about. I am certainly not complaining about a 4 day work week.

To do:
- burn and offer re-weeds on Rockpalast & GMDVD05
- pay bills
- clean kitchen
- make some kind of bday plan
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