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Well, I guess I'm going to have to try listening to The Shins and The Arcade Fire now.

Brother act blooms
PRACTICE makes perfect in most pursuits and the performing game is no different, according to Neil Finn.

"We've now played a lot of shows, maybe up to 100 with the current band lineup, and it's quite comfortable," the younger Finn brother said from Cologne, Germany, where the group was preparing for a third show since the European tour schedule was rewritten following the death and funeral of former Crowded House drummer Paul Hester.

"We've tried to pick up as many of those cancelled dates as we could, just to maintain our commitment to the public. And playing these shows at this point has been good. We seem to pick up again after
any break and it all steps up a little bit. Familiarity and trust, and all that stuff. It's like slipping into an old coat and very easy."

"This whole tour has been a great experience all around. It's something that we don't do very often, so we make the most of it."

Neil and brother Tim are taking a fortnight's break at home in New Zealand before setting off on the final legs of the Everyone is Here tour through the Antipodes. One of the highlights of the Australian dates will be the band's one-off performance at the ARIA Icons: Hall of Fame event in Melbourne on July 14, where they will be among the artists to be inducted into the Hall of Fame. "Obviously we're very proud about this and we're going to do a couple of songs on the night. In fact, (former Split Enz dummer) Mal Green is coming out from the UK to be up on the drum kit – it'll be the first time since he left the band. "It'll also be nice to be in the company of some fine artists that are being
recognised as well."

Finn said he has been doing a lot more listening to other artists of all varieties since embracing iPod culture and accessing the iTunes music store. "I'm not a zealot but I'm quite keen on the new technology. I was never a record store kind of guy nor an ear-to-the-ground kind of guy looking for new things.
"Now I'm finding lots of stuff online. I'm listening to more new music just by being online. You're able to read reviews and immediately purchase things. It's very handy. "I'm particularly into the Shins and the Montreal band, The Arcade Fire."

Finn said the band were delighted with the platinum-plus Australian response to the current album, Everyone is Here. At the end of the tour, Neil Finn plans to take time out to prepare his own new
album, which will be released sometime next year. "You've got to set yourself challenges and you don't want to be creatively comfortable," he explained."

"My record company – and I feel very fortunate in this – let me do pretty much what I want to do. In a scene that is very much centred on the bottom line, that's important. And I'm a believer that, if you stick around long enough, you get your dues."

The Finn Brothers play Brisbane Convention Centre on July 22 and at Splendour in the Grass, Byron Bay on July 24. ARIA Icons: Hall of Fame, featuring the Finn Brothers, will be broadcast on VH1, Sunday, July 17 at 9pm, with a repeat on Saturday, July 23 at 8.30pm. The Everyone is Here CD is out now through EMI Music.

Also I got a myspace account. Just so I could grab my screen name. I suppose if I'm bored someday I will tart it up. Last night we watched 50 First Dates which we both loved, it was really cute.
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