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an update, for what it is worth

...which isn't much. because there's not much to say. alot of thoughts have been floating around my head but i'm not sure if any of them are important enough to really put down. the one i had in the car today was that i'm very near the age that dale was when he hooked up with me when i was 17/18. i thought about how i would feel if a 17-year-old was flirting with me right now, and it made me angry at him all over again. i mean, even if his intentions were always good, i am angry that he was such a moron, or willfully ignorant of the danger. i mean, yeah. i wanted to finish this ridiculous book yesterday, but did not, and probably won't have time to tomorrow. my agenda for the weekend:
- lunch with Jenna
- trip to nation with Jack
- shopping with telf
- JJJ party
- tennis with Jen, etc.
- eating at Jaleo
my weekend is apparently, except for telf, full of things that begin with J. i also need to pay all my bills. it's another one of those squeaking-by-until-payday weeks. WHY in god's name i am having those i don't understand. oh wait, i do, it's because i pissed away my extra money like a fool. hoping very much right now that the help i can offer S in looking for a place to live pays off; i drove by a really nice little place in Vienna that had a special on 1-br apartments. in a moment i think i will break down and purchase some microwave popcorn. i wonder if i am being a fool for going out tomorrow night. we'll find out... also need to get the book club book... alot of people have said they plan to read it, and i am excited.
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