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Just saw examorata in the play in Olney! I am so proud of her! Also sad for simplesimon!! It was fun.

Tomorrow I go to Atlantic City!! I am doing my typical pre-travel freak-out. Jack is AWOL for this. Probably better for him, although it's nice to have someone to yammer at when in mid freak-out. I spontaneously reserved a rental car this morning on the off chance my baby up and died on the way to AC. FREAKING OUT!!!!!

Oh yeah, and I have tried about seven times to think of what advice I would give my 16 or 18 year old self per the meme that's going around. Every single time I think, "but then I might not have all the wonderful people in my life that I have now" and falter. Nevertheless, if it could save me some pain and not cost me any of the amazing and wonderful people I've met and befriended over the years (not that my 16 year old self would listen to word one of any of it):

1. Please be kind to people. The world doesn't revolve around you and your sense of your own empathy is a tad misguided. Note: This doesn't mean be a doormat for people who treat you poorly.

2. When everyone tells you not to date a guy, THEY ARE PROBABLY RIGHT. Snap out of it before you waste several opportunities, years of time, and tons of emotional energy.

3. Music. You talk about how much you love it. Practice it. You should be loving an instrument so much as you love that worthless lump.

4. Concieve of a world where there are other things at least as important to you as being loved by some worthless lump.

5. When you meet Crowded House outside the boathouse, get a picture with them, you nimrod.

6. You will meet and date someone named Roger. Don't be such a vile shit to him. This sort of goes hand in hand with #1.

7. You can do better. (This is more widely applicable than what this list might indicate, with all the 'worthless lump' comments.)
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