keep it dark (snidegrrl) wrote,
keep it dark

another day, another 7-11 donut

yeah, i just had a 7-11 donut. it's better than a hot dog from there, that's for sure. let's see... yesterday i had this dream in which there were a rash of kidnappings by helicopter in the city. the mayor of whatever town it was we were in got us to get on her helicopter to help stop the kidnappers. it was one of those tiny bubble helicopters, but when you got inside it was huge and even had an elevator. come to think of it, it was like the elevators in the library where i worked at VA tech. anyways, it turned out there was a zombie on the helicopter and it was going to eat my hair, but i couldn't run away because the elevators were stuck between floors.

yesterday, before all that dreaming business, i went to the airport. i haven't been to the airport since all the terrorblah. seeing lots of men with huge assault rifles is kind of disconcerting. i am also unimpressed with being unable to go to the gate itself unless you have a ticket, but it's not like i go to the airport all that much.

read about a boston LJ meet on painkiller's journal... wonder if there is something like that for the DC Metro area?

next week is tv turn-off week.
Tags: dream
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