keep it dark (snidegrrl) wrote,
keep it dark

andthesparrows tagged me to list my 6 favorite songs of the moment. And here I thought no one would do it!

1. Trick of the Tail - Genesis (Trick of the Tail)
2. Squonk - Genesis (Trick of the Tail)
3. Dance on a Volcano - Genesis (Trick of the Tail)
4. In Too Deep - Genesis (Invisible Touch)
5. The Rhythm of the Heat - Peter Gabriel (Security aka 4)
6. Driving the Last Spike - Genesis (We Can't Dance)

That's not in any particular order. Squonk is by far #1. In other G-related news, Disturbed is going to cover Land of Confusion, I got my Lamb t-shirt from cafepress in the mail, and I found another fan in Bethesda with whom I can do a slew of trading. Ebay is eating me alive. Life is generally good because when things are getting me down, I'm able to dance on the volcano, visit the city of gold, or dissolve into a pool of tears.
Tags: genesis
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