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someone turned the volume on my job up to 11. AIEE!

got home from work about 10 last night. watched kill bill because it came from netflix and i needed something entirely unworklike. i liked it ok, since i knew what to expect. there were some really good parts and some really annoying parts. like the crazy 88? i would have settled for the crazy... oh 11.

on the other hand, i cant stop singing: "woowoo woo-oo-oo!"

i had the most amazingly bizarre dream. it involved a home depot where the huge shelves they keep stuff on retracted into the floor at night when they were closed. then there was something about a really healthy food called a "pea mussel". that sounds like the worst food ever, if you ask me.

edit: because writing this out is cracking me up:

specifically, the pea mussel came up in conversation in the dream like this. i ran into one of pictsy's ex-boyfriends who was completely fictional (and looked like ray wilson, the third lead singer of genesis), and he said: "because of me, [pictsy's real name] always eats pea mussels."

dude. wtf.
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