keep it dark (snidegrrl) wrote,
keep it dark

money meme

You have just been given...

$10 and 15 minutes in which to spend it all. What do you buy?
a used cd or book

$100 and 1 hour; what do you buy?
can i pay for someone to clean my floors? barring that, which is my number one desire at this time, i'd bid on a used treo 600 on ebay.

$1000 and 2 hours; what do you buy?
this one doesn't stipulate SHIT about bills, so i would put it towards student loan. or mortgage.

$10,000 and 48 hours; what do you buy? Note: you are not allowed to pay bills, put in savings/checking acct., or give money to anyone.
get landscapers to do overnight beautification to back yard including patio. plasma tv, the kind that hangs on the wall and doesn't annoy me by taking up SPACE.

An invitation to have "high tea" with 3 high profile women (politicians, celebrities, etc.). Who will join you?
susan greenfield (neuropharmacologist), barbara ehrenreich, susan sarandon (so i can ask her about that recent ad campaign!) i'd send them a letter and ask them to meet me at the diner instead of high tea, though. also i just sort of googled around to pick those people; no one jumped to mind right away.
Tags: meme, money
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