keep it dark (snidegrrl) wrote,
keep it dark

5 things that lower my stress/anxiety level...

1. Kind and gentle words from a friend.
2. Music - at the moment, which music is probably kind of obvious.
3. Crossing something off the to-do list.
4. Books on tape - specifically LoTR or Garrison Keillor.
5. The post-softball shower.

Also: clean sheets. Pajama pants. Eye contact with smiles. For whatever reason, going to the Crystal Fox always evens me out, even though it's not like the people there know me or anything.

I think sunday night is a bad night for me to think of these things. Sunday night is always a little more stressful than other nights. I feel confident the list would be longer on other nights.

I stayed home from all my sunday plans today in the hopes that it would make me get well. I have been very upset because I cannot seem to get completely well. On that note, I should be in bed by now.
Tags: introspection
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