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stuff i haven't been covering in my self-journalism

- The Daemons continue undefeated in the summer season. Yes, I even hit the ball and got on base tonight. Sometime Jack will have to make it and take pictures of me in my softball suit.

- Saturday some of us managed to surprise one zarobi with a baby shower. It was alot of fun and there were giraffe booties. Giraffe booties!

- Sunday I attended Thanksgrabbing. judithiscariot is awesome. I <3 her. I sing her paeans. There was grilled AND fried turkeys. I love to eat turkey on Thanksgrabbing! Also due to a terrible Games Workshop/burka joke, Imam stopped speaking to me. Again.

- this thread in the Genesis forums explains alot about why I'm so enthralled with their music. I used to be able to do things like play music in 9/8... *sigh*

- If I'm not in a band that has either 1. made a professional recording or 2. played in an actual venue of some sort by the time I'm 40, I will be very disappointed in myself. Music is life!
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