keep it dark (snidegrrl) wrote,
keep it dark

Last night's subconcious adventure started with me and tzel going to visit this house out of which this TV company operated. She had been contracted to do a home decorating/organization show called "The Transparent Lamp" or something. When we got there however, they had this breach of contract lawsuit and were accusing her of showing up drunk to film, which was not true. But soon we discovered they were trying to keep us there and had spiked our drinks with some weird dumbing-down drug. They took T off somewhere and I couldn't find her again after that. I knew they hadn't killed her, because I saw that the house was full of "neutralized" people. For some reason, the drug wasn't working on me though, and I was trying to talk my way out of there. One of the guards/officials running the place was this guy on my softall team, Kenny. I knew I couldn't run, because he runs wayyyy faster than me. I was working on jumping the fence plans, and a number of other things, and realized that one of the people there was a famous nazi genius. (He was played, er, anachronistically youthfully, by John Hannah.) I was having this horrible moral dilemma about whether I should somehow block the drugs he was getting so he could help us escape. I never got started on that plan, because I figured out that we were in the middle of a bunch of fjords and that even if we escaped there was nowhere to run. Then I woke up.

I'm confident this was somehow influenced by watching North by Northwest the other day.
Tags: dream
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