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i had the best experience at the cdepot today. i had trundled around the whole place and picked out everything i wanted except for foxtrot, so i toddled back over to the genesis section, only to find someone else poring through it. i poked around trying to find what i wanted and not disturb her, but had to ask, "you a big genesis fan?" she kind of sheepishly replied that it was more about phil collins, and asked if i knew a song she was thinking of. she sang a few bars. i explained that what she had in her hand was a gabriel era album, and then picked up the album she wanted and handed it to her... then she asked if i worked there. nope! just a big genesis fan, i replied. she smiled really big and thanked me and fairly danced to the register. as i was walking out with my prog haul, she drove up in her (whoah, expensive) car and rolled down the window, phil's voice blasting out, and said, "hey, thanks again!" with a big smile.

for whatever reason, that whole exchange made my entire day. possibly my entire week.

if i come up with something to talk about other than genesis, i'll be sure to let you know. if you think you're sick of it, imagine poor jack.
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