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I just blew out my 3 year old 7.99 fake birks. This SUCKS. I may duct tape them.

In other news, I don't know how to formulate into words my latest progressive rock enthusiastic spasm. I am so sorry I didn't bother to think, when i was 12 and bought So, that hey, maybe this Peter Gabriel guy did some cool stuff before. I rifled through Goldmine for Monkees memorabilia... why not Genesis? Fortunately someone else has done a ton of work in that direction, and I was up way too late last night ogling the Genesis Museum.

Apparently Spring 2005 is a good time to be a Genesis fan, and I wish I could hop on a plane to Germany and possibly to Vegas. Yes, that's right, I've found a reason to go to Vegas, a place I like to talk about loathing and never wanting to visit.

I've just exited a meeting, it's almost time for the weekend. A final question to everyone:

Who's been to the Baltimore Kinetic Sculpture Race? Who's going tomorrow? Anyone have any tips about where to park, etc? I haven't planned this at all and not having something planned is terrifying.
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