keep it dark (snidegrrl) wrote,
keep it dark

I always feel pretty great after softball these days. Today it was practice, and I got through it just fine, held my own in the outfield a bit. It makes me think crazy-ass things like "I wonder if I really could take up jogging this time." Now the problem is softball's only 1 night a week... I need to find another group physical activity that's cheap and closeby...

Whenever I think I'm going to take up running, I go out once, run fifty feet, *pant* *pant* *heave* and think "that sucked", walk a little bit, return determined to do it again the next day, and then never do. I wish Jack wanted to do it with me.

Monday night, by the way, was peril_book_club. I was surprised that no one was really really enthusiastic about Hunter S. Usually people feel really strongly one way or the other. Anyways, I made a cream cheese doodad and showed everyone my library. I love book club. Tuesday was an all-star Tea at Franklin's. I would list every lj-owning celebrity of my life that was there, but I am so hungry I am about to pass out.

Now to decide whether to wind down with a dvd, or gaming...
Tags: book club, health, softball
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