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My CD Mix Challenge

As rackletang's cd mix challenge draws to a close, and we look back fondly on cd mix challenges past, we become bereft; we wonder, what will we do with all these countless hours of free time we all have to obsess over our favorite tunes? Well never fear, I have a solution, and it is: another cd mix challenge. Time to combine your standard eljay self-reflection with sweet riffs and phat beats.

ETA: You have a month. Let's say til friday may 13th.

Oh you want me to shut the hell up and tell you what I want on the mix? Yeah, me too. I sound like an ass when I try too hard to be funny. So for the uninitiated, you make your version, and send it to me, and I send everyone who sends me theirs one of mine, and we all bask in the mutual love. If people get real excited and like, interact in comments, they can get their hands on other people's as well. And here it is:

1. Your favorite song about suicide.

2. A song that features a color in the chorus.

3. Something for meditation.

4. A song that represents your favorite season.

5. a song that makes you fly, see sweeping vistas, and think anything is possible.

6. a song to listen to at bedtime.

7. a song that's really two songs in some way.

8. a song you remember listening to on a schoolbus, or probably listened to on a schoolbus.

9. a song with the word magic in it somewhere.

10. a song to listen to over coffee.

11. a song you didn't realize was a makeout song at first, but then discovered, yeah, it's a makeout song.

12. a song that makes you regret something you did.

13. a song that makes you regret something you didn't do.

14. the first pop song you remember liking.

15. a song where you can't hit the notes.

16. a song about another world or another universe.

17. a biology song.

18. a song that takes you back to your roots.

19. a song written by someone who is both songwriter and a poet.

20. do you like to end things on a bright note, or a dark note? show me.
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