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OK NEWS: It pays to look at the webpages of artists you like. You all probably knew this, but apparently I'm behind the curve. SO. The news being that Bonnie Prince Billy, a man who can use "e'er" in a lyric with all sincerity and make it work, is playing the Ottobar on 4/25. AND TO THINK I almost missed it. That could stil happen, but for now, I am excited and plan to go.

That is to say nothing of seeing My Fairy Godmothers Smoke Too Much by an amazing author and performer and friend fabulist on 4/22 at the Patterson.

And now I shall return to putting things in yet more tubs and doing more loads of laundry than any human was meant to. Why did I never discover drawer organizers for my unmentionables before??? Oh, and trying not to worry about leaving Nicolas at the vet tomorrow for all kinds of poking and prodding and tooth maintenance. :(
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